Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Reid Ducks

Go on, say it really quickly. Pur-itty cle-vuh!

Anyway, on to politics. We're mystified. Why the hell would the leader of the Senate Democrats support, nay put forward, this tetchy Bush loyalist who quite possibly would be dead weight on the Supreme Court? We're not the only ones wondering about this, as this gaggle of right-wing verbeage makes clear.

Now, of course all of this leaking of tidbits about how she really loves Jesus is designed to show that while she may be a bit of a lightweight and best frendz with the President she's got the right wing's back. A sort of vast electronic version of Rick Moranis going "FOOOOOLED YOU!" in Spaceballs.

The converse is that this is all a marvellous bit of fakery on the part of the senator, who knows that this will drive the conservatives crazy. The difficult thing about this theory is that it's impossible to prove, since Reid will never admit it, and it's unlikely that the nomination will keep the right wing frothing at the mouth forever. More likely is that he just likes her. Which in turn means she could still be utterly bonkers.

Welcome, too, to the London Review of Breakfasts, an idea of which Julie Burchill is incoherently jealous. Imagine the genius of the Bruni Digest transfered to London and infused with extra bad puns and snark, and with some of the monkeys removed, and you're close. Provided that Cigala gets a write-up before Whitsuntide, we'll be happy goblins.


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