Monday, October 10, 2005

Ding Dong Suckers

Towards the end of a sh*tey day, with the Mexican fiscal environment turning our brain to goo, and the prospect of a good clean jog postponed till tomorrow, we needed a pick-up. The Dirtbombs singles collection, a pair of disks it has taken us a while to procure, did not really do the trick. Especially the cover of I Started A Joke, which huddles along with versions by Robbie Williams and the fcecking Wallflowers rather than stomping them into clown-dust.

No, what rained on our desert was the Torti/Dimitri from Paris remix of Stetsasonic's "Talkin' All That Jazz". Fortunately our readers are not too Old Skool, so they will not mind us saying that the house remixes wee all over the original, like some horrible, demented mixture of R Kelly and the Chinese republlican guards. If this plays at our weddin', we'll be happy tarts.

Note, we have posted the version with ADDED COWBELLS for your pleasure.

Stetsasonic - "Talkin' All That Jazz (Torti's Bonus Beats and Breaks Edit)"
Buy it here, and keep the French making house. Or something


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