Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Panic Lever

Since today's election day, we had hoped to do a little voter guide for you, give you a hint to the most important statewide and citywide races, maybe even throw in some more local ones. But instead we spent an evening perfecting the recording of Sebadoh's Bubble And Scrape. Which explains in a nutshell why John Kerry lost in 2004 to a monkeyman.

It is probably for the best that we do not try to influence the fair voters of New York City too much, if only because foreign bloggers are probably not covered by that many constitutional protections. Moreover, we still haven't made up our mind on whether it's a good idea to let this gazillionaire buy the election over a decent guy that happens to have had to get to this point courtesy of the Democratic Party machinery. Doubtless the institutional faults of the Dems will not get much of an airing tonight.

For New York City mayor, then, we endorse Fernando Ferrer over Michael Bloomberg, even if it might encourage his party colleagues to continue being useless. For Brooklyn Borough president, we endorse Gloria Mattera of the Green Party, for the reason that it's what this blog was set up to do. Her opponent is some clown called Markowitz.

Right, democracy sorted, and back to the indie rock. Our correspondent brings us this from last night's dEUS show in London.

"To the Empire in London's horrible Shepherd's Bush area for a night of alternative rock with dEUS. They did a few too many dirge-like, groovy ones from the Ideal Crash and the new one but when they caught fire my trousers were singed. They played Instant Street third song which had people screaming with joy. Other high points were Theme from Turnpike and Worst Case Scenario. Roses was so good that you wished they had saved it for later. It was on the encores that they really came together. They played Talk About Love which is the best thing on the new album, then Little Arithmetic and finally Suds and Soda. When that manic violin started the whole place went mental."

Or delightful stringer then added "You must catch them. They looked really pleased to be back". Very true. Unfortunately, dEUS do not even release records in America these days, so we may have to settle for being frustrated.


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