Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hop Scotched

There has been, ever since I crawled out of bed this morning, a heated debate going on in my head as to the relevance of the Beastie Boys to The Noseflute Project. While there are more than a few Beasties rarities wandering about (I think I once had a rather dubious Prisoners Of Technology remix), these tend not to put the flutes up front.

And then you're left thinking "what sort of hideous Devil's Alternative is this, forced to choose between Sure Shot (admittedly stonking) and Flute Loop! ill Communication is plenty banked!". But wait, before they larded up on obvious samples on To The 5 Boroughs, there was this stylistic mess called Hello Nasty. And it had flutes.

Not the sort of funky flutes that pimped out Sure Shot, but lighter, more sunny, and more gentle flutes. Mr Jobim himself would approve. And no, you cannot slam dance to them. To be honest if (say) this fluttered by on shuffle, and (say) your hands had been replaced by blender implements like in the Skittles advert, and thus you couldn't pick the machine up to see who was playing, you might assume that this was Jill Cunniff's long-awaited samba album. But it isn't. And it isn't Sure Shot either.

The Beastie Boys - "Song For Junior"
Buy Hello Nasty here. By all accounts they each own a gazillionplex in Soho, but fair's fair


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