Monday, February 13, 2006

Breaking Pre-Adolescent Legs

So you've heard about the snow, and the romping and the pictures, and why photobloggers are parasites sucking the signifiance out of major visual news events. Was I out there in the snow, zooming down the Borough's slopes and crashing into small children? HELL YEAH.

To be honest, while quantatively this was a big deal, all time record and all that, qualitatively, it wasn't that much worse than the obligatory single dumping to which New York submits once a year. It wasn't enough to crimp any major activities, and we'd note that even without the snow the weekend was definitely the best ever. This had a lot to do with a night out at the ICE swilling champagne and scoffing ribs on Friday, followed by a quite awesome gig at Southpaw Saturday, about which more in the next Sugarzine.

But the sledging? It was good. And F Greene Park was the place to be. Whether this was because of the natural superiority of the terrain in the park, the fact that we got there earlier, the fact that the people are nicer, or the fact that there are fewer people nearby, the sledging was much better. Some long, interesting runs, provided you could avoid the trees, and a very mellow atmosphere.

We made it to P Park at about 2.45, by which time the pace was filled to capacity with poorly-disciplined children and their indulgent parents. Whereas the F Greene kids relied on the law of the jungle and plain common sense to stay out of eachother's way, the Park Slope crowd had ineffectual parents around in abundance, which only meant you were afraid to go careering into the dozy little tykes. Which really is the only way to train them in sledge etiquette.

Cutesome, who by the way instigated the amazing Southpaw show, was just about getting into the sledging, about the same time I was ready to break some limbs. So we left to get some socially acceptable warmed-up afternoon scotch.

Time for some nasty sloppy music courtesy of the Flaming Stars. It's a song called "Like Trash", about being treated Like Trash, and sonically, it is indeed very Like Trash. Somewhat close in spirit to the band from Saturday. The topical link is that the snow does a very good job of covering up trash, but at the same time makes it very difficult to reach the extant trash receptacles.

The Flaming Stars - "Like Trash"
Buy "Ginmill Perfume" here. Easier than leaving the house, right?


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