Friday, February 10, 2006

Ron Exceptional

People have basically stopped asking me to explain Enron to them. Call it the passing zeitgeist, or call it my poor attempts at lapsing into lay-speak. Still, there may yet be a revival in interest if the Lay/Skilling trial heats up. Right now it's centering around how truthful investor rellations people are. Hmmmmm.

Still, genius little dispatch from the trial at Rolling Stone, courtesy of Matt Taibbi.

"Covering the Enron trial is like being trapped in the world's longest Thomas Friedman column, a Salvador Dali landscape of violently mixed nightmare metaphors. I shudder, my pie rising."

Taibbi spends too long, in my humble opinion, pushing the "cashing the checks of the boys from Texas" theme into the White house. Oh, but it's good. Go see


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