Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Ever so slightly more time available on the couch this morning. Which meant a hefty dose of NY1, only anchored by Kristen Shaughnessy rather than Pat Kiernan. Pat is hopefully mourning the conservative takeover of his native Canada, rather than out of the game of hosting another poorly-received gameshow.

Right off the bat, there's a clanger. Poor Kristen does not understand how statistics work. "January is normally the coldest month of the year. Well, this January is officially the third coldest on record." Would I be an intellectual snob if I pointed out that that is a non-sequitur of the crassest sort?

Crasser things are yet to come. Working on the assumption that two news items can be a trend, so long as the items are sufficiently horrific, NY1 is ramping up a child protection theme/campaign. This in the wake of the deaths of Nixzmary Brown and Quachaun Browne by people close to them.

Over a rather mawkish soundtrack, NY1 has unveiled a new sting, captioned "Who Is Watching The Children?", to accompany its coverage of such cases. Child protection is undoubtedly a proper subject for local news, NY1 has made it rather Fox-shaped for my liking.

The other things that irritated me were the free adverts for Henri Bendel and the New York Water Taxi (to which, yes, I just gave links). But those are pretty much par for the course.


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