Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hot Fudge Action

You'd think that the inventive, hustling, all-consuming American spirit would have made sure that most days of national significance would have at least one or two meretricious or otherwise inappropriate pop song attached. But while Christmas is covered, very few other ones are. It's a small miracle, for instance that Bonio has New Years' Day to himself. Still, I dare say that Black Eyed Peas are working on something tawdry as we speak. Actually if Sufjan Stevens gets bored with this quixotic and time-consuming quest to record an album for each state in the Union, writing a kicky anthem for every important holiday would be quite a public service.

And it is possible, people, to do this thing with a modicum of dignity. Exhibit A, the mighty Ozomatli.

Ozomatli - "Super Bowl Sundae (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix)"
Buy "Ozomatli" here. Just to be very clear, there's Spanish involved

Right, time to brave Wing Wagon. I may be some time.


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