Friday, March 31, 2006

Bad Timing

I got into work appallingly late today. My excuse is that I was up late last night at the dEUS concert. The New York show, despite initial appearances, was indeed sold out, probably to the enormous number of, ahem, Euros in the city. Can't say that singer Tom Barman sounded much more cheerful than he apparently was in Chicago. But damn, were they good.

More details, and probably a fuller review, either later on here, or in the other rag. For now, though, here's a slightly truncated setlist. It is truncated because the set went on past 12, and Cutesome turned into a pumpkin. Sorry. I bet they played "Suds N' Soda", too.

Pocket Revolution
Stop - Start Nature
Instant Street
Fell Off The Floor Man
Sun Ra
Theme From Turnpike
New One From Pocket Revolution
Another New One From Pocket Revolution

And then we left. I'm not too bitter, unless, they also played "Let's See Who Goes Down First" and "Bad Timing" as well in the encores.

For me, it was quite he hidden gem - for the rest of NYC's musically discerning people, though, the gig might as well not have been happening. Can see what Barman meant about poor promotion. Shame on V2 - probably obsessing about the Raconteurs too much.

[UPDATE: Word up Pocket Revolution readers. Given how much we've been yelping about how little dEUS come over, you'd think we'd be a bit more excited. But we've been sleeping somewhat patchily lately. Sorry]


At 9:14 PM, Blogger m2 said...

Yes they did play Suds and Soda last!

At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom even got butfucked by a kangaroo. was brilliant.


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