Wednesday, March 01, 2006


This is what I want for my Bar Mitzvah/Confirmation/Birthday/Wedding/Retirement/Bank Robbery. This is all I want.

I spent a fair amount of yesterday, between bursts of day job, scouring the internet for word of the new Apple Hi-Fi. I was briefly entranced. The usual, the white exterior, the clean lines, the gizmo that lets your iPod screen just show the artwork. All this, needless to say, without considering the sound quality.

And then the Olive Opus cropped up on Engadget. It's stunning. I've been staring at it all day. It rips all your CDs in lossless, and then you just plug it into an extremely high-end separates system and off you go. You'd have to rip your CDs again, or get the manufacturer to do it. But it would be hell cool - you'd be actually able to hear all the dead bluesmen spinning in their graves on Jon Spencer records. I'm feeling the greed right now.

Step one would probably be to get paid for side writing gigs. For now, though, there's writing for fanzines. This month's Sugarzine column, a review of a gig held during the Pathetic Great Blizzard Of '06, is up here. The homepage has had a slight redesign, but that need not detain you.

The review has dropped to second place again, behind a guy that just discovered internet radio. Not the super-cool Pandora, which plays on any browser, no. The unholy Yahoo/SBC version, which is wedded to Windows. Boo. Normally I'd be more cross about the positioning, but since my review is riddled with typos, I'm going to be restrained.

Still, ere's something from The Drones that'll illuminate the review a smidge:

The Drones - "The Down Bound Train (live on PBS radio 2005)"
Buy "Here Come The Lies" here. Well, click, then scroll down a while. There, that's it


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