Thursday, March 02, 2006

Clock Watching

Well, this is quite a silly way to spend a Thursday, watching the clock until Hong Kong wakes up. I haven't had to do this in day/evening job for a while now. So, here I sit, idly surfing the internet, waiting to for the keener bankers to start screening their calls. Meanwhile, across town, Mr. Ted Leo is playing at The Hook, and the stupid thing is sold out.

Normally, not only would I be down outside the venue screaming "Teeeeeed!", and trying to accost strangers for tickets, but I'd be encouraging you to do likewise. But there are drawbacks:

1) How the hell will the good oil majors find out what the optimal conditions are for investing in Indonesia, if I decide to go on the p*ss instead?
2) The Hook, it is in a rather deserted area, and short of a reasonably substantial hike over to Lillie's, there are few fallbacks.
3) One of the the maybe three people that read this blog with no idea of who the author is might decide to dash down and hunt down my secret identity (alright, I'm reaching)
4) It's miles away, and cabs maybe involved.
5) Ted's recent demos are a bit scruffy.

Feh, I'm sure Lightning Bolt will play there again soon.

Oh bugger, the support (replacing the Duke Spirit, who have visa issues, my sympathies) are Direct From Hollywood Cemetery. DFHC, look and sound, as far as I can tell from the Myspace page, to be the children of the Dirtbombs and the Misfits. My style, no?

Tonight, though, there will be no music, no ghouls, and only economic analysis. Spoooooooky!


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