Monday, April 24, 2006

It Was A Time Of Peace

Willows And Tall Arch Bridge
Originally uploaded by Gringcorp.
Wow. A marginally horrendous time was had getting around today. This is probably my fault for not learning any non-European languages. Polite to a fault, but still, there was not a building greeter in Otemachi that could guide me to my destination. I made it to the meeting 30 minutes late, and only then by actting extremely pitifully. At least I have now mastered the subway.

So, anyway, the photo here is not of cramped and bewildering Tokyo. It is of the Summer Palace in Beijing, and stands as a necessary corrective to my whining from this morning. You may find more pictures at my Flickr stream, or you may even add my drunken and/or poorly-composed happy snaps to your RSS.


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