Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Will It Spurt? Perchance

Posting's been crap, I know. I have been out and about a bit, toasting Cutesome's birthday, checking out Yo Yo Ma, and exchanging pleasantries with a Mexican undersecretary. It was all good, except for the bit where Yo-Yo played Bartok. That was bobbins. No, I've been hideously busy with my impeding nuptials, as trailed in a rather offhand exchange of comments with Dope On The Slope.

And I have a plane to catch, operated by the endearingly inefficient crackbabies at American Airlines. So this won't be a proper post either. In fact, since I'm not taking my laptop, posting full stop is going to be a bit terrible, unless I can find a decent computer from which to upload a megamix at some point over the next few days. I beg your pardon and understanding, and leave you with some po-faced German metal. Ciao.

Rammstein - "Heirate Mich (Edit)"
The Lost Highway soundtrack is here. Mercilfully light on German metal


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