Friday, May 05, 2006

A "Zane" Pun? There Are Wun Meellion

Eerie, not a moment after I namecheck a Dan Zanes song in a post about NY1/Roger Clark/Molly Kroon, but Mr. Zanes shows up headlining a show to raise money to fight the epically mendacious Ratner Boyz. 3 June, Hanson Place Baptist Church. Babies get in free, so you are warned.

I'm guessing, however, that it won't have added grown-up screaming and Juliette Lewis acting psychotic. This song appears to be from the period between ending the Del Fuegos and going into Kidz Rock. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Anyway, today I shall post the verdamten thing:

Dan Zanes - "Moon Over Greene County"
Amazon will sort you out with the Natural Born Killers OST and Dan Zanes music

Meanwhile, Cutesome asked me if I could possibly put up a post explaining how awesome Roger Clark is. I would, I really would, Cutesome, but the man has been quite extensively profiled already, courtesy of the Observer. All I can note is that this morning because of an editing/continuity glitch, a disembodied Pat Kiernan saying "thank you Molly" was heard during one of those stings they use to make up a bit of time before the hour.

Spooky, yes, although not as spooky as the fact that NY1 carries adverts for Sunshine Rent A Car a Florida car rental joint, and that the ads appear to be identical to those of a Queens truck rental company. I suspect a NY-Florida-Mob-Union shakedown operation.


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