Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Kroon Over Greenpoint Flaming Bounty

greenpoint fire
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It took a little work to stretch the headline into something that resembled the Dan Zanes tune. Was it worth it? I'd say it was somewhere between this sorry parade of happy snaps, and an afternoon spent reading about Japanese war crimes.

But it cannot be denied that the flaming warehouse is stirring stuff. Officially the biggest fire the city has experienced since 9-11, and the cause of terrible traffic conditions along both the Brooklyn-Queens and the FDR Expressways. Grist to the mills of citizen journalists and the ones with helicopters alike.

Somewhere between the two, of course, there is the mighty NY1. And if there is any need to work out who the star of the station is now, it can be met by noting that while Roger Clark was covering a yoga meet in Van Cortland Park this morning, Molly Kroon was sent to look urgent in front of the flaming Greenpoint industrial landmark. All this, and she doesn't yet have a staff profile.

Cutesome's take on Clark is that Pat Kiernan secretly despises him, and since Kiernan is currently numero uno at the station, and apparently enjoys an easier rapport with Kroon, Clark will have to be careful. Proof for this strained relationship can be found at the pained banter between the two at the end of each Clark segment. In support of the relationship are some pretty warm quotes from Kiernan in Clark's Observer profile (no, not that Observer.

That's as may be, but a more likely explanation lies in Kroon's long-flowing blonde locks and the fact that you're all perverts. Yes, you heard. A good twelve of you every day are scouring the internet looking for information about her. Like crazed cyber-stalkers, you wash up here looking for fragments of personal information. Well I don't have any, not even a salacious screengrab, just half-formed theorizing about NY1 newsroom politics.

It took me a while to leave the house today, but what I did note was that when NY1 flags its reports as "On Scene" rather than "Live", this doesn't always mean that they were banged together hours ago, and that the reporters are already chugging beers in Farrell's by the time you watch them. What it means is that NY1 doesn't quite have the chops to do live reports, and is likely to provide regular updates to its stories, just not in real time. There is, for instance, a lot of hair that can get in the way of Kroon's face during a 30-second spot, which can necessitate a lot of mane-tossing.

I can tell you're getting excited. Just stop. Her aunt might be reading.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of NY1 faces, Cutesome says that Dalton Ross was BANG OUT OF ORDER for eviscerating Tori Spelling's wretched new show.


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