Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cripes It's The Rozzer Convention

No idea why the cops had decided to park all their wheels in one convenient location this evening. As far as I could tell there were no protests going on. The only explanations I can think of are that they felt the cars were getting lonely. Either that, or they wanted to see if their police lights could, if synchronised, give all the skateboarders seizures. Either way, very admirable.

Row Of Police Cars With Flashing Lights

Large Kop Klatch On Union Square

But peculiar, since, as we all know, the real crimes were going on this afternoon on Pacific Street, where Bruce Ratner has decided to rain down rubble onto pedestrian areas as part of his bid to convince us that the area where he wants to build luxury condos is a blighted sh1theap.

That's right, as part of Ratner's cunning strategy to accelerate the pace of demolition, we don't just get to watch him dismantle a historic bakery. No, that would be too pedestrian. Who, for instance, apart from Jonathan Lethem, mourned the Underberg building? This mini-collapse took place in front of the cameras and turfed the already royally sh@t-upon residents onto the street.

We're left with two theories. Either the man's political antennae tell him that the more carnage he inflicts on Brownstone Brooklyn, the quicker they'll let him finish his boondoggle, or he shouldn't be let near a back-hoe. Probably both.


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