Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The New Pat

We've all (those without cable have no rights) got used to the smiling cheery aboot-spewing mush of Pat Kiernan on NY1. I'm starting to think that the host of "In The Papers Is Sponsored By Sleepys The Mattress Professionals Home Of The Incredible Price Guarantee" might be getting sucked up in his own counter-culture cred.

All hail, then, the station's newest star - TV reviewer Dalton Ross. Ross, a reviewer at Entertainment Weekly, already has a following through his print work - see here. On the telly, he looks like an amiable, rather grim, corpse-chewer, and even, maybe, has a little of the "slack-jawed hipster", as Michael might say, about him. But he's sound, very funny, while at the same time holding a proundly depraved view of man's nature. Still, I guess endless viewing of Fox realty series will do that to you. Whatever, he kicks the ass of Owen Gleiberman, or god forbid, Neil Rosen, the movie critics who pollute NY1.


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