Thursday, July 08, 2004

God rates fags

Or cigarettes, in English English slang. Phillip Morris is considering using Fair Trade tobacco, or tobacco bought ethically from sustainable sources, in its fags, or tabs, or growlers, or bines (top Huddersfield slang, that). They already do it with coffee, which makes you a bit loco, and would now do it with the death sticks.

This has struck people as a little disingenuous, as this lovely piece in the Guardian notes. Some might call it Greenwash. Although it was a tabaholic until last October, Gringcorp bears the merchants of lung cancer no ill will, and likes to see it as a gentle bit of reverse culture jamming or whatever. Thing is, the Marlboro man is probably completely serious.


At 3:34 AM, Blogger Furious Bruce said...

In Australia we call them Durrys and we can buy them in 50 packs rolled on the thighs of virgin salt water crocodiles. Come and I will kick your ass!


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