Tuesday, July 06, 2004

No, HE's my President

So, after the holiday break, there are many things in Gringcorp's in-tray. An awesome rooftop party for its birthday (I would thank the party responsible, but they must remain even more anonymous than the Gumby. I.e. a little). Watching the fireworks from a Cobble Hill rooftop. The Nathan's pilgrimage. Finally watching Farenheit 9/11 (big cheers from BAM. Surprisingly lucid). The cheesiest man in the world as prospective VP (he does at least do much better than Dubya all the things Dubya is meant to be good at).

No, I want to take a look at Mr. Tim Brown's excellent Last Word, whose July issue is up now. Tim has a blog as well, but the blog mostly seems to be about bubble gum and farts. I discovered the Last Word on Portal of Evil, a deed that Tim would no doubt blame on the right-wing establishment in Kentucky.

Tim has been cross about bullying, school uniforms and republicans since 1993, and would be at least State Senator right now if he was not so enamored of Explosions. And Damage. It's nice to know that Progressives (he seems to prefer it to liberals) can still make soome noise in Red states, and be extremely rude and ornery at the same time. I salute you.

Tonight, we rock Battery Park City with the sound of the Black Keys.


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