Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Straight Outta Birmingham

The only entertining thing that happened to us was catching Saturn 3 on IFC last night. Farrah Fawcett (in space! in the future!) falls so in love with a rather decrepit Kirk Douglas that she turns down the sexual advances of Harvey Keitel. Keitel proceeds to invest his sexual longing into an evol robot. Without a do-dah. Douglas is made of sterner stuff and kills them both. The robot gets dumped into freezing liquid gas, and survives, just like Terminator 2.

And now, like George Clooney's character in Out Of Sight, we must say "let's go to Detroit" (or rather the suburbs, using NWA, hence the title of the post, yes it's rubbish). Unlike Jack Foley, we have no Buddy Bragg to say "now you're talking", but we do have the Everly Brothers (lost you all? Gooood...), and will have a go at posting by email. TTFN


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