Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me News

Right, time for an unpleasant and unwarranted attack on AM NY, the free daily published by Tribune/Newsday, which has decided that it will make its reputation by bringing down the Statue of Liberty Foundation leadership. It is very important that the freebies start to offer more than wire service reheats - hello Metro, whose first issue's publisher's letter seemed to patronisingly suggest that young people liked Eminem and didn't want their news to be too challenging, as Gothamist noted. Nevertheless, AM's front page (a click will download a pdf, hopefully), thrust in my face when I got off the subway, suggests that it needs some perspective. There was an awful lot going on NY yesterday, what with the Terror Alerts (Genuine or not? I don't have the time or expertise to judge, but still love Howard Dean for being all grouchy and sceptical about it. Persuading a couple of congressmen too dump on a trustee's head doesn't make it. Even if you do note that the Daily News encouraged people to donate to the Foundation.

Couple of boasts -

1) got listed, albeit automatically, on Queerfilter (although the site seems to be down right now.
2) won a bottle of Merlot by predicting that Kerry could not get a 10-point bounce out of the Edwards selection
3) Scored some cool elephant seal pictures to take on the Leopard Seal scum, although Mr. D seems determined to llet his site become a haven for viagra peddlers. Anyway, with luck, the photo in question will be posted above


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