Thursday, August 05, 2004

Die, Barn, Die!

Yes, the practice of ridiculing the New York Times for hopelessly missing out on cultural advances may be easy, but it's still satifying. Today, the reporter from the Metro section walks by a breakdancer in Union Square and decides to start a revolution. "Breakdancing is back," they breathlessly report, "at last we will have a busking medium that will take on those pesky mimes, silver-painted statues, and Peruvian pan-pipers in the battle for our change." I was hoping that one of the people they interviewed would make up some stuff, but it seems to be pretty straight.

Still, a quick stroll through the iTunes store shows that such luminaries as the Freestylers, Cannibal Ox, and of course the Beastie Boys have been blithering about breaking over the last ten years. The guys behind Big Beat at Skint were pretty fond of it as well.

Palid stuff, mind, next to Spin's recent article on LA's "Clown-dancing and krumping scene". Bonkers, but the NYT has already picked up on Madonna picking up krumping. Krumping is the new breakdancing, apparently, so the Times article should have been going on about how breakdancing never went away. Like the Beastie Boys, or Marmite. Or it could posit that it hibernated in Brighton for a while (per the Skint view of breakdancing history).

All withering comments from true scenesters much appreciated...


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