Friday, August 06, 2004

Curses! No Shemales!

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Gringcorp had resolved yesterday to visit the Jugfest sponsored by L Magazine, which was set to feature FOUR jug bands, $1 Rheingolds (I'd say the relaunch is going swimmingly provided they keep flogging it off cheap) and a real live SHEMALE, but ended up going drinking instead. But, since Southpaw is round the corner from our new apartment, we still made a late appearance. Too late for the charming Allanah Starr, unfortunately, although Ms. Starr did leave some publicity material behind...

As for the jug bands, we were kinda surprised that it sounded mostly like the music from "The Sting" - we were expecting things to be a wee bit more hillbilly. We only missed Bill Carney's Jug Addicts, which is a pity because we are a big fan of Mr. Carney's Les Sans Culottes. Bill was at the bar talking about the law, which is his day job. He made it sound rather fun, although we must stress that we overheard him rather than talked to him. The other bands were fun, although apparently jug bands mean you have to do this really daft dance involving moving your arms like you're running while shaking your booty. We guess they all saw it in The Sting....


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