Sunday, August 01, 2004

Where Would Napoleon Go?

No internet cafes anywhere in Southern California. But much cultural feeding. First, Gringcorp rocked out to the accessible techno stylings of Miss Kittin, who has recently tried to smile more and be less of a frosty German beat domiatrix. This was at the Key Club, the Sunset Strip club that is the new Viper Room (as far as Gringcorp's rather oiled cred radar was concerned), ready to lead the charge against resurgent Silver Lake (yes Gringcorp is bicoastal in making up stuff about neighborhoods).

But, more significant was the pilgrimage we made to the San Dimas water park Raging Waters, the inspiration for "Waterloo!" from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Put simply, Raging Waters is the coolest thing in all of California, apart from Amoeba Music, even though (as the Fast Rewind trivia fiends note) some park in Arizona called Sunsplash was used. Napoleon and Gringcorp are on the same page here.


At 4:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really was filmed in the waterpark in San Dimas, CA. Raging Waters is part of the SmartParks-San Dimas, Inc. corporation.


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