Monday, September 13, 2004

Go Team Brooklyn

"Come To Red Hook, The Home Of Trust Fund Babies With Cars!" Yes, we have been hideously overusing this line, but it just seems so perfect. But we can't find the reference on google, only this in the cache. But, we would add, we think Red Hook is brilliant, especially how patient the locals are. There they are, just sitting waiting for the B61 at one o'clock in the morning, when some drunken characters from Parts Elsewhere come over and start mumbing about directions to Lillie's and other Hep Venues. The temptation to chop them up, steal their shopping, and dump them in the East River in the expectation that the deaths willl be treated as the outcome of some obscure, albeit brutal, stevedoring dispute, must be overwhelming. For the record, Lillie's was monstro-fun, as was Sunny's, and we're cross that we did not sample the kolsch at the Old Pioneer. Anyway, snatch up your inappropriate footwear, and head here for a potted guide that will prevent you looking foolish in front of bus-users. Don't be fooled by the fact it's a food guide, the compilers have used some pretty elastic definitions to include all the bars.

Where did we see that nice young man from last night's Garden State? Ah. We didn't. We saw the trailers, though. And if anyone says we watch NBC after 10am, their upside the head will be hurting. Soon-style.

Tonight we will be the guests of the Sahara Hotnights. Wish us luck


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