Monday, September 13, 2004

Michael Keaton - the truth

We are a big fan of the line, from Michael Keaton's otherwise horrible movie The Paper, which goes "I don't live in the world, I live in New York City, so go f*** yourself". And we are less of a fan of those only-in-New-York lists you get clogging up your email or inflicted upon you in the Penny Dreadful.

But I was drawn to musing on this weird factoid from the Observer. Wal-Mart's sales are the size of the GDP of Poland. Wal-Mart CEO H Lee Scott has been voted the world's most powerful man by, er, noted business title Vanity Fair. But the majority of New Yorkers will never have set foot inside one of his stores.

We know that at least sixty per cent of our readers will be awaiting our thoughts on Red Hook ("Come to Red Hook, the home of trust fund babies with cars!"). All in good time, children.


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