Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Need Some Air

Oh yesh indeedy. This little ditty from Urge Overkill's insane Exit The Dragon album popped into my head this morning (ignore the babblings of Mr. Mundy in the linked review. He will be up against the wall come January 9th for two reasons - working for Jan Wenner (if indeed he still is) and writing that piece of trash).

We had decided to accompany our companion to PS 282 to vote (yes, that's right! Hang around outside to discover Gringcorp's secret identity! Just like Pump Up The Volume, only with less of the swearing and faux-onanism). And mighty packed it was too. We had thought that we might pose as a UN-sanctioned poll observer, but it seemed like the greatest danger was the Slopers trying to kill each other, rather than the moustachioed thugs of stolen election lore. So we waited outside.

The humbing thing, and the reason why we're very proud of you if you could vote and did, is that we probably had more of an effect on the good of humanity by accompanying our beloved to the polling station in New York City than sending off for an absentee ballot in the most closely-fought marginal seat in all of the "United" "Kingdon".

Go Kerry!

P.S. We think that our companion, having voted the straight democratic ticket, might have let in some of Clarence Norman's judge picks. If you can do the research, take a look at the Working Families party's endorsements. They're almost socialists, and the WFP is, of course, home to Tish.


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