Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Ringing The Changi

We pity you poor unfortunates, hovering by your "innernet" to get a fresh Gumby-zilla. Well, you almost got your wish 12 hour ago, when Gringcorp decided that we would test the envelope of the new economy by checking our internet from the queue for a taxi at Changi airport, here in good old Singapore. And don't say, why don't you just use a Blackberry? The whole point is to look foolish and uncomfortable cradling an entire laptop while shuffling through the queue-stilts.

So, what a convoluted way of establishing where we are and what incorrigible jet-trash we are, non? Do we have any first impressions? Well it really is that clean, and very spacious, at least the bits we have been driving through, and blessed with many mini-malls. The difference with chile is that there seems to be little point getting uptight over the brands and whatnot. This is the point about Singapore. the security, after the pleasantly docile gatemasters of Toronto, strikes me as vigorous on a par with New York, if a tad more stupid.

But the search for old colonial furniture and shopping will have to wait, I fear. It is now midnight, our body clock thinks we are in Kansas, or maybe Guam. Only massive quantities of cough syrup, or maybe noodles, can get us back on track. We are, after all, missing our normal pacifier horribly.


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Send us a picture of Singapore!


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