Friday, November 05, 2004

From This Eerie

...the lame Canada-centric puns are unleashed. Cower! So sooner had we had turned our backs on this business center computer that a story about a sharp spike in calls to Canadian immigration attorneys appeared on one of the local channels (no googling, so no links, either today). We would counsel against urbanites that need any great intellectual stimulus from pursuing emigration too seriously. That item was number three on the news. Number one was the approval of a new bicycle helmet law.

We were unfortunately not able to divine where the goths, rude boys, teddy boys, hipster scum and independent waifs are to be found in this fair city. We did the rock pig in our own special way - Scarface style! Well, we're fairly certain that if Scarface had been in Toronto he would have gone for a swim in a half-in, half-outdoor pool (think of the energy streaming out into the night air) while INXS, M.A.R.R.S., the Power Station and Duran Duran boomed out, the Canadian National tower was clearly visible while we did out backstroke. And then Michelle Pfeiffer sauntered down stairs and blew a rail off the lifeguard's chair.

We followed that up with a fine steak and a bloodbath.

Today, Gringcorp will mostly be accompanied on our rounds by a shorter collegue. So "Say hello to my little fren'" Boom boom!


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