Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Size Matters

I know it's not polite to call the president an eedjit, but everyone seems to sort of know it anyway. So when he strings together a sentence with the grammar more or less in place it isn't just snotty people like Gringcorp, who the British state spent thousand of pounds educating, who are pleasantly surprised. His people are as well. It's like Sam won back the Dakota-child all over again, or something. Ya know, us elitists got lucky that he slightly, although not emphatically, flipped his wig at the debates, but people still didn't think any the worse of him.

So, now we have people complaining strenuously that it's not fair to call three million more votes a landslide. True, in absolute terms. But we often think in relative terms, and relative to 2000 in Florida, Bush might as well be carried down Pennsylvania with flowers in his hair accompanied by war elephants, and hordes of breathless peasants. So, my dear Joshua and others (yes, we know, we promised to cut down on the leftist blogs), might I suggest less of the complaining that the conventional wisdom is horribly skewed? And maybe a bit more time working out how to turn the terms of political debate into a version of the Cabelvision anti-stadium ads. Do you favor reform of social security? Then you must hate old people. You senior-hating scum.


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