Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Last To Leave

Thought we'd continue the Arlo headlines today, and add our own tuppence worth to the whole catblogging movement. Kevin Drum has put one up today, even though it is not a Friday, the traditional Day Of The Cat. We'd have followed suit, only we find ourselves catless. Gringcorp's cat of eighteen years, Archie, passed away today. He'd been around since Reagan, although he was more accurately a kitten of Thatcher, on account of being a limey cat, and all that. R.I.P.

More tunes to shake off the "we just re-elected a crackbaby" blues, and we think that the last songs from Ted Leo albums work pretty good. Last night, after the Arlo was done, we played The Crane Takes Flight from Hearts Of Oak "dont you let you tell you that you're wrong". Quite.

Then "our friend in online advertising" (I think he's demanding anonymity these days. And why not?) sent us this link to an MP3 blog that quotes from the last song from his latest album, Shake The Streets. The song, Walking To Do, is just the sort of fatalism that liberals need right now, while they ponder making their name palatable again.

The first album, The Tyranny Of Distance, doesn't quite follow the rule - here it's the first song, Biomusicology, that'll soothe your soul.

Ted and Archie, Gringcorp's all-time heroes.

Tomorrow, we promise, back to gratuitous Marty Markowitz abuse (It speaks! The horror!). And maybe we will follow this little slapper as he cruises Tijuana looking for casual sex.


At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sorry about Archie! Sounds like he had a good life, though. Perhaps you'd be interested in two very amusing little felines that would love to mug for catblogs? I happen to know someone...and it would so please your anonymous friend in online advertising (aka my Gorgeous)...

At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, at the very least I'll send you some pics I took for Craigslist, so you can join in the catblogging frenzy.

Also, great party. Though your man didn't win, at least the food was good. Lovely fondue and spanikopita.


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