Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dolan Fights!

Ohourword this West Side Stadium story is getting good. According to Sports Illustrated the NFL will not be holding the college draft at Madison Square Garden because of the opposition that the owners, Cablevision's Dolan family, have expressed towards a new stadium for the NY Jets. So far, so smackdown, and you can read our story here, or get the "elite" media take here.

And then we're slumped in front of NY1 this morning, and what should be blaring during the commercial break but the most sinsiter anti-Cablevision attack ad - paid for by the NY Jets - we have yet seen. It barely mentioned the offer of $600 million that Cablevision has put forward to the MTA for the site of the Jets' stadium.

Instead it crowed about the money that Cablevision has lost on its satellite TV venture, Voom, questioned the strategic direction of the company, and claimed that the money paid out to the Dolan family managers is higher than the industry median. Forgot to mention that customer service sucks, but then maybe they're (only marginally more) lucky Time Warner customers. The ad also says that "analysts" say that the new stadium isn't that much of a threat to MSG and Radio City, which did sort of give the game away, but also threw into relief the unremitting nastiness of the ad, as if to tip off the viewer that the attack wasn't entirely unprovoked.

Still pretty horrible, though. Top work, NY Jets, you're making us a little bit more sorry for the Dolans.

Still, on a day when fake news people are all over the newspapers, and fake bloggers are telling you to go read fake-bylined fanzine articles such duplicity seems very natural. Now can we please have some "Brooklyn" Nets attacks ads soon?

Coming up, like, WHEN-EV-UH, the SS thing, plus maybe some light indie rock relief. Depends on time and contractual fanzine obligations.


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