Wednesday, February 09, 2005

They Do Come In Every Color

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Reference to some particularly vile lyrics from a Dogg Pound song on the Natural Born Killers soundtrack. A phrase of two words - second one is "blockers".

A lot of Slopers wonder how the "Brooklyn" Nets stadium and ginormous white elephant office complex might affect them. Most of them assume that being very mobile yuppies they will have relocated to Westchester by the time anyone gets their sh*t together. Or that it will be sufficiently far away for them to continue going to organic restaurants and meddling with their school board unmolested.

Consider, then, this view from the Seventh Avenue B/Q stop. Think that there will be no more hassles than the charming panhandler after it gets built? Nyuh-huh. That big-ass skyscraper on the right is a pathetic harbinger indeed. Tish is rather fond of rapping "don't block the clock", a reference to that almost pornographic structure you see in the background, the Williamsburg Savings Bank c(l)ock tower. The bank, now owned by our friends at HSBC is a charming structure, whose interior, we are damn near certain, featured in Catch Me If You Can. We have heard from a few drain-cleaner smokers of our acquaintance that it might be turned into luxury condos, but this seems unlikely, given Ratner's plans to swamp the area.

We know that at present Flatbush Avenue, the bustling boulevard you see in the foreground, should better be known by its Swami handle, "Concrete River Coursing With A Thousand Retarded Steel Fish", at least some of its length, might be best served by starting over. But to imagine oneself insulated? Pure insanity my friends.

Coming up: We are sure you are fascinated by Gringcorp's thoughts on Social Security. Well prepare yourselves instead for a miasma of cackling at how other people can always be persuaded to pay for the bombs that delight us so...


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