Monday, February 14, 2005

The Prettiest Hostage-Taker In Christendom

Guest blogger: Cutesome Companion:
Gringcorp has been taken hostage by Cutesome Companion. We will not release Gringcorp to the world, or allow any further posts, until you (and you know who YOU are) give us the stuff we need, the stuff we crave, the stuff our veins live for. Gumby Fresh is over unless you produce. You know where we are; and we know where you are. So bring us the stuff.

Readers might think this is a joke, readers may believe this to be a game. But You know Cutesome Companion, and you know how serious we are. Only you can save Gumby Fresh. We've been waiting a while and won't be waiting much longer.

Happy Valentine's Day. Show love for Gringcorp and Gumby Fresh. Don't let the dream (or the blogger) die. The gnomes are coming to get Gringcorp soon, and then it will all be over.


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