Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New Un-Jacked Pity

Back from the clutches of Cutesome, but with little to report. We are heartened that Slate agrees that the Grammys were ghastly, and it was interesting to note that Ray Charles walked off with so many awards for what most critics think was very poor work by his standards. Ooops, excuse us, that was very poorly phrased, what we meant to say was the corpse of Ray Charles was pelted with ill-earned encomiums by the mawkish and critically paralysed pirates of the RIAA.

We'll pass on to those of you spared a deluge of blog posts (damn you Shrook, damn you to hell!) the latest sex from DC. Fake Republican White House reporter Jeff Gannon may have been hustling previous to his career as a newshound. We shall use the semi-pro media as the link. It's very saucy, and makes us wonder of whether there are all sorts of closeted types making anti-gay policy in the White House.

We have to be careful, since this is starting to remind us of the Sun's rather distasteful campaign from seven years back to expose the "gay mafia" running Britain. The assumption seems to be that because this time the cabal is right-wing, it's OK. Which is a pity, because it enables all the proper journalists to be Even-Handed and Objective, and all the other virtues that make the Times the psychic cup of cocoa it is today.

Still, you can get the sordid shots here. Doubt he does the "imprisoning thing" as well as Cutesome, but there you go.


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