Friday, April 15, 2005

Ass-ela, More Like

So we got back from DC to find this little note from corporate control in our inbox:

Amtrak canceled its Acela Express service that connects Washington, D.C., New York City and Boston today, April 15th, after a routine inspection found that there were cracks in the brakes of most of the coaches, the company said in a statement. The cancellation will remain in effect until the brake problem is resolved.

A mere 105 minutes after we had tried to booard one of the infernal machines, before being bumped to regular Amtrak, and that train being bumped to New Jersey Transit for most of the route. Boo.

The big news? We finally walked into the quite literally seminal establishment on 18th Street in Adams Morgan we call Madam's Organ. As a pun it should lose its allure quite early on, likewise for the atmosphere inside. But it does grow on you, especially the bar upstairs which has pool and a ridiculously convoluted way to get outside and drink on a streetside terrace. The dubious Latin popster didn't help matters, but then that's why the good lord gave us Jamesons.

Have a good weekend, and welcome, one Stereogum reader.


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