Thursday, May 12, 2005

Steinway On The Highway

So, NY1 has scored quite a coup with a new advertising deal with Steinway Street. Steinway Street, the main thoroughfare in Astoria (the claims of Broadway be damned) is mostly a demented mixture of slightly shabby furniture stores, 99c joints and kebab houses that used to let you smoke a shisha whie you were waiting for your donkey to heat up. But for about a block south of 30th Avenue it gets really classy, with a GAP and a Victoria's Secret, as well as Dr. Jay's, where we bought our first, and only, pair of outrageously baggy jeans.

Steinway Street's merchant's association, or BID, or group of concerned citizens, has decided to write their own song extolling the virtues of the fair street. And it's an awesome street, the first one we ever walked upon after getting off the boat. The song? Pretty awful, but then that's never stopped the Mattress crew from hauling people off the street to mangle their jingle. But the Steinway Street singer is catastrophically bad, as if thhey've been told to be soulful, but hasn't been told that their range is about half what they're attempting. A genuinely unpleasant experience, and we're grindcore fans, kids.

If you have access to a media TV or Tivo or somesuch, and capture it, we'd love to have it. The psyops potential is enormous.


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