Thursday, July 14, 2005

Resident Evil

Bah, think Gringcorp has lost the flair for hard-hitting reportage, do you? Think again. Super top secret surveillance on the Seventh Avenue Q Train stop. It's muggy. Accosting the passengers-to-be is a fainty creepy man in a Mickey Mouse hat and T-shirt, with a petition. "Give Marty Markowitz some opposition in the next election". Hear, hear.

Now we hope that here we are not divulging or pre-empting or leaking any super ultra ninjuno secret information here, and apologise in advance for any betraying any confidences here, but we were chatting to a celebrity Brooklyn blogger named after a dietary supplement and they mentioned that what ther next Borough election really needed was a spoiler candidate called "Marky Martowitz" to annoy the hell out of our annoying borough president. We heartily agree, although getting the signatures together is a beast.

So, we're very happy to hear that the libertarian party candidate, Gary Popkin is throwing his hat in the ring. His platform seems to mostly be based around a rant about smoking and emminent domain, which should at least endear him to the Freddy's crowd. We had respectfully decline to provide a signature, because the man is likely to face enough crap from the Brooklyn Democratic machine without having dubious foreign signatures on his petition. But we wish him well.

Head over to the aformentioned Valhalla among blogs for a chat between Mig-Hell and ourselves over female post-punk covers.

And later, there will be Ninjas. Lots of Ninjas, Bond-san

P.S. We weren't the only people to get excited about played out fake papers.Gothamist got hit too.


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