Sunday, July 17, 2005

What Is The Spanish For "Rotten Little Scumclown"?

So Ted Heath is no more. The last British politician wholly unsuited to the practice of politics died today. To be personally prickly, yet politically reasonably compassionate, was quite a feat. The passing of the last pro-European Tory prime minster should be an occasion for the Tories to reflect upon what they've lost. But Ted no longer has a place in official Tory history - the leadership still acts faintly embarrassed whenever his name crops up.

Restaurants we have now pwned:

  • Miriam. Site of the former Surreal Cafe, the staff are much less rude, and the quality is better. We had brunch, so we can't really comment on the full depth of the Middle eastern thing they have going on. We had a tasty-ass croque-madame, and Cutesome had baked eggs. We think they deserve to live.

  • Calcutta Curried chopped liver, live sitars, pretty bog standard chicken biryani. Something to do with a bachelor party that dare not speak its name. Also took in a place called Apple, which Citysearch is denying.

  • Maxwell's over in Hoboken. Although we weren't the only celebrity bloggers there that night.

We have many cultual experiences to discuss, including Dungen and Siren, but we may have to palm it off elsewhere. The next post will be very shallow.


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