Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pain And Humiliation

Thouught today was going to be an easy one, even with us blogging from Mexico City. Archclown got in the papers again, causing clueless Manhattan-based w*nkers to sigh "ah bless" yet again. We're persuing the papers, and it turns out that Brooklyn party boss Clarence Norman got convicted for a couple of small fundraising violations, but with all sorts of juicy judge-tampering to be alleged in future trials. If you ever wonder why we're so hard on Markowitz, a man with even less power than shame, it's because, as a Democrat, and given that he got elected with a nod from Norman, he's the amiable front for one of the most corrupt county Democratic parties in the country.

Normally we'd riff on this a bit longer, and we will confess we are slightly more amenable to Norman's upfront roguishness than the seediness of his nemesis Joe Hynes. But then the puffy-eyed influence-monger Tom DeLay got indicted, and we remember, that while me may not get to vote for any of these freaks, it's more fun to watch some toe-rags go down than others. Norman, Markowitz, you're tossbungles, but you're friends with angels.

We've already almost forgiven you, petal.


At 1:39 PM, Blogger Miguel said...

bahahahaha How did you wrangle yourself a Gothamist invite?


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