Monday, October 17, 2005

Bringing Out The Clown Vote

We only caught a tiny snippet of this, because we were late for dayjob, but it was definitely the visage of useless, yet Democratic, stooge Marty Markowitz that cropped up on NY1 this morning endorsing Republican Mike Bloomberg for mayor. It was horrible.

The reasoning behind his decision was that Bloomberg warmly supports the only reason for Marty to exist right now, as stupid useless cheerleader for the stupid useless stadium project. Moreover, we actually think that Marty needs to be friends with Mike more than Mike needs Marty. Marty is so obviously the skinny pasty white kid in the showers of the State Penitentiary right now.

At the moment there are two reasons for the more affluent Brooklyn residents to deviate from voting a straight Democratic ticket in the elections this fall. The first is to vote for Mike, a move we don't endorse, but can undertstand. They'll feel mighty guilty about it, but the man kept crime and property taxes down, and still seems to be personally liberal. And they distrust Ferrer, probably groundlessly.

The other reason to deviate from the Democratic line is to vote against Marty. If the public advocate primary results in several Brooklyn districts are to be believed, anti-Stadium candidates took quite a beating. Bloomberg can ride this out, but Marty will have a tougher time, since the Slope presents one of the most reliable and active voting communities in the Borough. Which is why we're so glad, that Gloria Mattera is have a good old beating at the clown gong right now. Read it, and love her, here.


At 10:07 AM, Blogger Miguel said...

so do I go out and suffer the crowds on election day just to cast a protest vote on Markowitz?

At 10:09 AM, Blogger Gringcorp said...

Vote for Gloria Mattera, you silly girl. And tell the other sodding Slopers to do it.


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