Friday, October 14, 2005

Community Chestnuts

While waiting for the 'puter to download some, er, digital imagery, we read the latest spin on the Brooklyn stadium scam in the Times (reg, etc req'd). We were vaguely curious about what it had to say, although it mostly said that Bruce Ratner is VERY CLEVER at winning over ccommunity groups and local worthies. He has achieved this through the revolutionary public relations technique of WRITING MASSIVE CHECKS and INVENTING SUPPORTERS.

The 'Landgrab's take on this is all muted. possibly because it delighted in the juicy details of the Selling of BUILD this community group that decided to support the building of a stadium because of the checksjobs involved. But the article really did bury the lede, suggesting that the kindhearted developer made serious efforts at community outreach, rather than inventing a community to reach out to. Nice picture of Tish, though.


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