Monday, October 03, 2005

Then Out Came The Jackals

We're intellectuals, everyone knows it, everyone says it. We don't follow gossip, unless Cutesome straps us down and makes us. But this is arresting. Via Gawker, the actual video of Kate Moss blowing rails (warning, stupid embedded wmv file and listening to a lot of slow-witted drug talk involved). So far, so not very exciting. If you don't speak Italian though, the only words that come over are "Moss....Cock-hyena....Moss...Babyshambles...Cock-hyena...Moss". Which still isn't all that exciting.

But it did remind us of the scene from Justin Cartwright's Promise of Happiness, where one of the protagonists was forced to babysit some Italian ad agency representatives and amuse them using the power of drugs. In the dialogue, the author keeps referring to them as "cock-hyena", which we had thought was laying it on a bit thick. Allo Allo-style thick. Not a bit of it.

Yesyesyes...still not exciting. It's just the Pixies...they defy words....


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