Monday, October 03, 2005

We Wish We Could Be Political Too

You love the bootleg stuff, do you not? It is so seamy and forbidden. And don't you get all excited by New! Leaked! Strokes! Except for when it doesn't work. But wait! It gets more meta. Because we like to think of ourselves as the Strokes of limeyblogging, so here's a leak just for you. That's right, our new Sugarzine column is not formally up, but can reached via this link. And it gets better, the whole article is about digital rights management, and uses ideas filched from Boing Boing. Head spinning, yet? What is theft? What is reality? Don't you have a job or something?

Speaking of robbing the more talented, El Clownholio cropped up to plunder the legacy of the Brooklyn Dodgers, who won the world series fifty years ago this month, in support of his stupid stadium idea. No point quoting the gibberish. We shall simply point you at the nolandgrab filleting. But it is worth noting that Robert Moses, the man who built the Prospect Expressway, perhaps the silliest and most ill-conceived stretch of Tarmac in New York City, and the man who wanted to build an expressway though Greenwich Village, decided that building a stadium for the Dodgers on the site now designed for the "Brooklyn Nets", was just crazy talk.

Coming up, hopefully, a Pixies review.


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