Thursday, January 26, 2006

Box Fresh

The march of the flutes continues, but first we would like to take issue with some stuff coming fresh out of the RSS.

Slate's stupid consumer reports. These are really easy to write. Dis the second cheapest one as not up to snuff, mildly praise the cheapest with "go for if price is an issue", and then praise to high heaven the most expensive one. About as useful as a chocolate fireguard that review, not a top of the line chocolate fireguard, but one that "feels kind of cheap".

Instapundit said something really stupid today, the first time I've been cross at him for a while. I thought his turn at Wonkette wasn't bad, although I'm not sure it'll do much to fill the gap since that ginger lady left. The post in question involves Glenn convincing himself that large numbers of people applying for jobs at Wal-Mart is proof that these people really love Wal-Mart, rather than that they really need a job.

I'd also like to briefly mention the recent Palestinian elections. One theory doing the rounds is that the elections will force Hamas to behave more like a proper political party, and less like a gang of angry bombers.

Dunno about that, although it is probable they'll start bombing less. But at a risk of making a rather facile comparison here, the experience of Northern Ireland suggests they certainly won't be talking any less trash. Exhibit A, the continual stream of mush coming out of Ian Paisley's mouth since he became the most powerful Prod in Ulster.

Ah, and here lies a good segue. Because if there's an instrument the Prods love it's the flute. play air flute at a Protestant football match and they'll love it.

But here we have only nice flutes, although today's chosen tune is reasonably spritely. 'Tis a remix of the mid-period Orbital classic The Box. Tied with the harpsichord remix for best remix out of four, and far ahead of the dreadful vocal mix, this is dance-flute madness for the rapidly ossifying twenty-something demographic. Is good.

Orbital - "The Box (Flute)"
Choose you merchants for "In Sides", but choose one

One more to go, kids.


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