Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Not Blonde Non Bombshell

You'd think that what with this business with the ports being on the front page 24/7, I'd be all over the story by now. You'd be wrong, because since we have learned that a Dubai-owned company will take over P&O, not one stitch of evidence has come up to suggest that DP World will turn our nation's gateways into terrorist waterslides.

And I'm bored with it by now. So let's talk about Bond. We have dimly been aware that the Broccoli clan has cast someone villainous-looking as the next James Bond - Daniel Craig, or the Mad Monk Of Death From Elizabeth, as we know him round my joint. Which has motivated a bunch of querulous Connery-loving no-marks to set up a campaign against him. Their campaign is hardly helped by a morph they've produced that shows Connery morphing into Craig quite nicely.

But to be honest, the Bond series descended long ago into a series of explosions wrapped around piss-poor puns. One that I adore by the way. But only one Bond - Dalton - had much of the darkness in him at all. The rest have been smirking clotheshorses. Good luck to Mr. Craig, although reports from the set seem to suggest that he hasn't had much of it so far.

Unrelated pop hits!

Fleetwood Mac - "Looking For Somebody"
Buy "Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac" Here. Note The "Peter Green" Bit. Means No-One Can Be Beastly To You


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