Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Suds N' Yoda

Ah, the mighty power of blogs. This is a good-ish demonstration of all those articles we've been seeing about the power of blogs to change businesses. They usually appear in Forbes, or the back pages of the NYT business section. It also helps to have a surpisingly well-organised pressure group on side.

I refer, of course, to L'affaire Brooklyn Brewery, which we kicked off after a weekend spent almost drowning in the products of the Brooklyn Brewery, and then discovering that the owner was a fan of knocking down my local. You can read the original post here, written, I should suppose, a good 30% in jest. Little acorns and all that...

Still it got taken up by Fans For Fair Play, written far as I can tell, by someone who actually knows the business of sports. Scott Turner, the author who actually uses his real name on his site (unlike yours truly), was able to recount what happened to Rheingold when it tried to get in with a professional sports team. The unsurpassable nolandgrab then chimed in.

And finally, the indefatigable Dan Goldstein (no link immediately to hand) sicced the local papers on the story. You can read it, just about, here. No the reporter didn't talk to me, although I imagine that Metro reporters probably have to work rather hard to convince us the paper's not just reheated wire reports. Oh, and I'm on Super Secret Background.

I must stress, much as Scott did, that having a Brooklyn Brewery is basically better than not having one, and that we certainly would not recommend avoiding Freddy's for whatever reason - beyond becoming all domesticated (ahem). But it seems hardly right to buy a man's beer when he's panting for the razing of your bar. Still, while I may not have been entirely serious the first time I wrote that letter, I suspect the only ethical thing to do now would be to avoid the stuff entirely.

The Dirtbombs - "I Started A Joke"
Buy "if you don't already have a look" here. Don't buy Brooklyn Beer anywhere


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