Thursday, February 16, 2006

They Are Dice, They Are Black, But They Are Not Frendz With DFA

Hello from clear but wintry Las Vegas, the place where utility executives go to relax. Today, we have mostly been shuttling from one end of the MGM Grand to another, pausing only to drink more coffee. Does jetlag attributable to three hours' time difference make one barely a hardcore at all? Almost certainly. But it would explain the Luscious Jackson, no?

Luscious Jackson - "Sexy Hypnotist"
Buy "Electric Honey". Then gamble, and lose it, on the errant whippet that came in last

In other news, how can we, as humanity, harvest the restless energy and indomitable spirit of the ashen-faced little old lady sat playing the slot machine and smoking? I don't know, but it sure makes for better anthopology than hanging with those thousand-year-old fishermen on Okinawa.


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