Saturday, April 01, 2006


Wow, thanks, Low Countries, dEUS fanatics. By the way, the live cuts on the Pocket Revolution blog rule. So, what did I fail to do today? That's right, go down to Federal Plaza, and stand side by side with the other immigrants. A pity, since I should have stuck it to the Feds after they subjected me to so much misery there five years ago.

Last night was a high-end tapas binge at Pipa, this confused chandelier shop near the dayjob. There I learnt unnecessary things about Manchego and Sangria, in the latter case that it really is rather sweet. And potent, so I stayed in bed much of the day.

So, during the filming of Pump Up The Volume, Christian Slater got into the character of Harry Hard-On by trying to apply for a UK marriage visa, the better to understand the absurdities that underlie the modern world. April Fool! He actually chopped logs and snorted sweet cock-hyena.

He certainly wasn't going to get it from this pretty slice of Tom Petty-influenced, Jesus-inflected alternative rock. An unlikely soundtrack to hanging out at Hubert Humphrey High, to be sure, but it's certainly better than Concrete Bloody Blonde.

Chagall Guevara - "Tale O' The Twister"
Buy the "Pump Up The Volume" OST here. Only then will you understand what I'm going through


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