Monday, April 03, 2006

I Bring You Strange News From The Land Of Google

So, what have you lot been looking for?

Naked pictures of Atlantic Yards opponents (unless that's you, Mr. Goldstein)

Muffie Benson-Perella. SHE'S MADE UP, YOU HALF-WITS. What sort of paper trail are you expecting to find? Hoping that Spiers will mock up some naked pictures for you? Actually, it worked for Wonkette, did it not? Yeah, go invent her a myspace page, Dealbreaker people

Steve Hindy. Ah, yes, we're sorry about that one. Number five on your own google results seems to be a bit much doesn't it? For what it's worth, the man isn't really evil, just that rarest and most special of creatures - a brewer trying to make my drinking hours less pleasurable.

Oh, well, while we're trying to make your web-surfing hours less pleasurable, here's me latest Sugarzine column, the one where I try and convince you of the majesty of Morphine's second-tier recordings. This month, it is parked below a review of Dave Gilmour's new solo album by an author who claims not to have been concentrating whenever Pink Floyd's music was played, yet seems sure that Floyd fans would like the singer's solo work. Curiouser.

I have heard far too much Pink Floyd, on the other hand ("Obscured By Clouds?" Yes please!), and have not heard the new Gilmour album. I'm going to go out on a limb though. It's about as sh*t as the Division Bell, maybe less than Delicate Sound Of Thunder.

It will be about as enticing a cultural proposition as Alec Empire playing your wedding.

Atari Teenage Riot - "Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture"
Once you've finished vomiting your intestines up, purchase "Burn Berlin, Burn" from the creator


At 11:07 AM, Blogger Miguel said...

why does that wanker always put his copy over your pearls of thought?

At 5:32 AM, Blogger leslie Alstein said...

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